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Progressive Era Reforms Worksheet

Teaching American History Gilded Age and the Progressive
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The first thing that comes to our mind when we are talking about the concept of progressive era reforms is a government that is run by people who are pro-business. This is the reason why the idea of “Progressive Era” has gained immense popularity and support from the people, especially the youth. The younger generation tends to prefer things in a new light that helps them in their quest to get out of the old muck and into the new and improved world. With the help of the internet, they have been able to find out what works and what doesn’t work and then move on to the next phase of the process which is “Progressive Era reforms.”

As the concept of Progressive Age Reforms became popular among the youth, many businesses have adopted the idea and many organizations are also keen on using this concept in order to come up with effective and innovative programs that will prove beneficial in terms of business growth. In the present day and age, it is no longer only a matter of what the politicians do, but also how they behave when it comes to social issues and how they deal with other people. Thus, the concepts of Pro-Business in government, businesses and organizations has reached out to the common people and has become the main concept of the time.

The first concept that has been brought out through the concept of Progressive Age Reforms is the concept of social welfare. With the idea of helping the masses, the idea of “Social Welfare” has become more popular in the present days. People are interested in giving their opinions to any project that involves them in some way or the other. With the help of this concept, they will be able to share their views and ideas with other people and thus will be able to make their opinions known to the whole world.

Another concept that has found popularity is that of government reforms. Nowadays, almost every government organization is interested in making their activities transparent, as it will help them in publicizing their projects and policies so that they can reach out to the people better and improve their image in the eyes of the people. This is one of the major reasons for the popularity of the concept of Social Welfare, which is related to government reforms and its impact on public opinion.

The third concept that is associated with the concept of Progressive Age Reforms is the concept of environmentalism. Nowadays, people tend to look for a greener environment because they are very conscious about what they are doing around them. In addition to this, with the concept of environmentalism, there are also many groups that are looking for ways and means of saving nature and the environment. With the help of the concepts of environmentalism, people are now able to get involved in projects that involve the preservation of natural resources and thus helping the environment.

Other than these three concepts, there are a few other concepts that are associated with the concept of Progressive Age Reforms. These include education reform, social development and economic growth. These concepts have also made their way into the field of governance because of their importance in the present times. Thus, these are some of the concepts that have been associated with the concept of ‘Progressive Era’ and have helped the concept become popular in the present.