8th Grade Us History Worksheets Best Of Ohio History Worksheet Printable

8th Grade Us History Worksheets

Ohio History Worksheet Printable
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8th grade U.S History worksheets can help students learn about American history during this time in American history when America was at its greatest. At this point in history many of the United States first Presidents were still alive and the United States had been formed. This is an important period in American history and it should be taught in high school as a way of preparing students for college level study. The worksheets will teach students some of the most important people and events in the development of the United States and how it developed.

The worksheets are designed to be used by students at all levels and students who are new to the topic can learn with the simpler worksheets that are easy for them to understand and follow. Some of the worksheets cover the history of the United States from ancient times to the time of the Civil War. It also covers the early United States in terms of its expansion into new areas of the country and the development of new cities like Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Some of the lessons include the building of the railroad and the movement of settlers into the area. The United States was also involved in the formation of other countries during this period of history including Cuba, Canada, Mexico and Cuba became part of the U.S.

During this period of the early United States many of the most important figures in American history were born. These people were among the pioneers and they were instrumental in the founding of the country. Some of the most famous of these early Americans are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Many other individuals who helped form the United States include Benjamin Franklin, James K. Polk, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Franklin Pierce and Ulysses S. Lincoln. Other notable people born during this period include Theodore Roosevelt, Robert E. Lee, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, and Ulysses S. Grant.

During the time of the Civil War there were many battles fought and many battles won in the American nation. Some of the battles included the Battle of Fort Sumter, the Battle of Bull Run, the Battle of Fort Henry and the battle of Antietam. During this time the United States gained control of parts of southern Africa, a portion of Mexico, the Caribbean and parts of Central America. During this period the United States was a very powerful nation and the country was one of the strongest in the world.

During World War I and World War II the United States participated in two very important conflicts known as the World Wars. At one time during World War I the United States fought against the German Army and during the American participation in the World War. At the same time in World War II the United States fought the Japanese Army and the Allies fought against the Japanese Empire. Both the Axis and the Allies faced fierce combat during World War II and the United States helped shape the world during this time. The worksheets also cover many other topics such as the draft, the civil rights movement, the development of the United Nations, the atomic bombs and the Cold War. Each of these battles shaped the world and the way we see the world today.

The worksheets teach important information about each of these conflicts, and they also provide students with a way to apply what they have learned to their lives. The information is important to today’s world and to their future. If you want to know more about the United States and the world wars please visit our website below. We also have many different resources that are not related to history.