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Team Scores and Outstanding Players from the Nebraska All-Star Games

Series total:
East 21, West 20

2018 West 39, East 17 Trevor Havlovic, East Butler, East
Jack Rush, South Loup, West
Ben Bohling, Johnson-Brock, East
John Rouse, Blue Hill, West
2017 West 38, East 20 Ryan Neumann, Creighton, East
Jacey Nutter, Sandhills-Thedford, West
Bradley Bunner, Clarkson-Leigh, East
LeShaun Thomabar, Elmcreek, West
2016 West 36, East 14 Luke Ericson, Osceola, East
Andy Kerkman, Clearwater-Orchard, West
Kendall Dickson, Bruning-Davenport-Shickley, East
Troy Gilligan, Anselmo-Merna, West
2015 East 36, West 15 Christopher Konicek, Clarkson-Leigh, East
Alex Kunz, Stuart, West
Simon Sandberg, Friend, East
Colt Foster, Hemingford, West
2014 East 38, West 14 Jackson Sudbeck, Wynot, East
Tyler Fear, Sutherland, West
Scott Borcher, Pawnee City, East
Jake Bartling, Elm Creek, West
2013 West 12, East 10 Tanner Fate, High Plains, East
Tyler Schnitzler, Kenesaw, West
Nathan Bazata, Howells, East
Ryan Kleier, Giltner, West
2012 West 47, East 22 Blake Krings, Humphrey St. Francis, East
Ryan Mitteis, Creighton, West
Garrett Borcher, Pawnee City, East
Tait Sibbel, St. Mary, West
2011 West 7, East 0 Derreck Eastman Giltner, East
Jacob Jensen, Overton, West
Cody Stalp, West Point CC, East
Garrett Reese, Pleasanton, West
2010 West 43, East 12 Matthew Korus, Humphrey St. Francis, East
Trevor Wells, Medicine Valley, West
Garret Svoboda, Lawrence-Nelson, East
Riley Santin, Palmer, West
2009 West 32, East 22 Derek Classen, Humphrey St. Francis, East
Brett Kaczor, Ewing, West
Michael Konicek, Clakson, East
Tyler Bartak, Anselmo-Merna, West
2008 West 33, East 6 Taylor Baumert, Pawnee City, East
Cody Childers, Leyton, West
Derek Bodine, High Plains, East
Justin Swedburg, Axtell, West
2007 East 22, West 14 Lance Thorell, Loomis, West
Aaron Konicek, Clarkson, East
Joshua Prokopec, Clarkson, East
Trevor Switzer, Ewing, West
2006 West 14, East 13 Ben Tasa, Humphrey St. Francis, East
Eric Gustafson, Axtell, West
Chance Svoboda, Lawrence/Nelson, East
Josh Rohde, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller, West
2005 East 22, West 14
Brett Kuhn, High Plains Community, East
Steven Dent, Mullen, West
Casey Bender, Lindsay Holy Family, East
Justin Daake, Elm Creek, West
2004 East 32, West 24 Matt Eikmeier, Howells, East
Bryan Dutcher, Greeley-Wolbach, West
Michael Bayer, Howells, East
Travis Cooley, Mullen, West
2003 East 25, West 0 Justin Hans, Wynot, East
Justin Mastny & Eric Wiemann, Howells, East
2002 East 35, West 8
Travis Mlady, Bloomfield, East Dusty Tallant, Sterling; Anthony Weaver, Falls City Sacred Heart
2001 East 23, West 8 Kyle Gronenthal, Lindsay Holy Family, East Adam Ickes, Orchard, West
2000 East 34, West 20 Steve Kriewald, North Loup-Scotia, East Mitch Manstedt, Clarks, East
1999 West 45, East 14 Josh Petsche, Elgin Pope John, West Kenny Rigler, Calloway, West
1998 East 30, West 8 Brandon Sells, Falls City Sacred Heart,, East Kory Koch, Shickley, East
1997 West 23, East 22 Cory Eikmeier, Dodge, East Eric Conn, Minatare, West
1996 West 21, East 12
Wes Haveman, S.E. Consolidated, East Steve Smith, Sargent, West
1995 West 14, East 6 Chris Eitzmann, CHB, East Eric Ryan, Overton, West
1994 East 24, West 22 Joel Makovicka, East Butler, East Billy Legate, Clearwater, West
1993 East 26, West 20 Chris Darnell, Falls City Sacred Heart, East Rex Hart, Culbertson, West
1992 West 21, East 18 Justin Sixel, North Loup Scotia, West Ross Tomjack, Chambers, West
1991 East 40, West 20 Jeff Nienheuser, Kenesaw Casey Lund, Newcastle, East
1990 West 13, East 9 Dal VanHousen, Polk-Hordville, East Terry Connealy, Hyannis, West
1989 East 25, West 24
Howard Elliott, Wilcox, West Brad Catlin, East Butler, East
1988 West 44, East 13 Carl Ostrand, Ansley, West Mike Kennedy, Sidney St. Patrick's, West
1987 East 20, West 6 Kelly Prater, Clearwater, East Gary Jacobsen, Coleridge, East
1986 East 30, West 12 Darwin Snyder, Winnebago, East
Mick Wilcox, Leyton, West
Shane Belohrad, Leigh, East
1985 East 14, West 8 Lynn Menke, Marquette, East Tracy McConnell, Chambers, West
1984 East 26, West 0 John Pavelka, Verdigre, East Stan Heithoff, Elgin, West
1983 East 41, West 12 Scott Roesler, Meridian, East Scott Cape, Leyton, West
1982 West 20, East 18 Jerry Milnar, Greeley, West Dan Van Groningen, Sterling, East
1981 East 49, West 6 Brian Paulsen, Murdock; East Alan Wiese, Filley, East
1980 West 10, East 8 Nick Nordhues, Spalding Academy, West Don Wheeler, Omaha Brownell - Talbot, East
1979 West 8, East 7
Kevin Malone, Lewiston, East Doug Nichols, Wheeler Central, West
1978 East 58, West 26 Brian Vitosh, Odell, East Mike Hahn, Hampton, East



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